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Rev. Oreste Pandola Adult Learning Center at
St. Leo's School
914 Stiles Street
Pandola Learning Center

Spring 2018 Classes Announced
Spring 2018 Class Listing

We will have a special day of registration on Sunday, February 18, 2018 after both the 9:30 and the 11:30 Mass in St. Leo’s Church Hall.

Thanks to Joe Benny

Rev. Oreste Pandola Learning Center
P.O. Box 9633
Baltimore, Maryland 21237

January 16, 2018

Mr. Joseph Gardella
Proprietor -Joe Benny’s
313 S. High St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Dear Mr. Gardella:

Once again please accept our sincere thanks for your continuous support of our Learning Center. Our students and staff appreciate your kindness; the proceeds from the event of will be used to purchase new materials to enhance instruction.

“Grazie tante!” for selecting our Center to benefit from the Sunday Fest. Mere words are not enough to describe the wonderful Sunday afternoon “Meatball Fest” designed and developed by you. It was a delight to see so many individuals having a super time as they enjoyed the scrumptious food. It was a tribute to our heritage to see the humble meatball devoured by the guests. It was impossible not to be enthusiastic as the guests tasted, tested, and judged the numerous entries. Walking around the room, I heard many patrons comparing the taste of each submission and discussing their choice. Be proud of this event as it brought numerous new people into Little Italy. In addition, it further developed a sense of community. Sincere thanks for including us in this event.

Our Learning Center would not be possible without the consistent, committed efforts of caring individuals. You, your family members and dedicated staff are truly dedicated to the language and culture of our beloved ancestors.

With your support, we will continue to honor our forefathers for their love of family, for their support of education, and for their courage to fight to obtain them. Our teachers, staff, and volunteers extend their sincere thanks for dedicated support to our center.


Rosalie M. Ranieri

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Enjoy attending sessions in Baltimore's historic Little Italy.
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