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217/09/2020 - 17:18

ROME Aise- - That the Italian Government commits to set a certain date for the elections for the renewal of the Committees of Italians Abroad (Comites) and the subsequent second-degree elections of the General Council of Italians Abroad (Cgie). This is what was presented in a resolution to the House Foreign Affairs Committee by the Forza Italia MP elected in Central and North America, Fuchsia Fitzgerald Nissoli. "This- added the elected abroad - after submitting a question, at my first signature, in which it asked for account both of the voting methods for the renewal of the Comites and the date of the vote. The Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr Di Stefano, responded to this question on Thursday 12 December 2019, stressing "that the next consultations for their renewal should take place, unless any extension, on 17 April next year". "Further importantly," he continued, "on 19 February, when the Milleproroghe conversion bill was passed, I presented an Order of the Day, in which the Government pledged to take action with measures also of an implementation nature to set a certain date for the holding of the Elections of the Comites. A commitment that has been welcomed by the Government itself but which has not yet had objective feedback".

In fact, these elections have already been postponed from the deadline of 17 April 2020 and now the country's compatriots expect to know the date of the elections, overcoming the current uncertainties.

For this reason, the resolution of the MEP, as she wrote in a note, "commits the Government to urgently define a certain date for the holding of the elections of the Comites, in accordance with the legislatively indicated time, in order to raise awareness in time of our numerous communities abroad and increase their participation in the vote, avoiding the hypothesis that a democratically relevant appointment can be procrastinated and expected by our compatriots abroad". (aise)

She is working very hard to protect Americans with dual Citizenship and other Italian Americans.

July 31,2020

Dear Friends of the Reverend Oreste Pandola Learning Center:

During this past late spring and summer we were so happy to provide online classes for three Italian Language Courses and a special online Arancini Cooking Class. Positive reviews with kudos to our staff were provided by our participating students and requests were presented to provide further instruction online in the fall session.

Our talented teachers and staff are now in the process of developing and designing curriculum for our fall Italian language classes. It is hoped to present a Italian Class for children. In addition, cultural and culinary sessions are also being devised. In October, we are planning to present an Arancini Cooking Class, perhaps a Vegan Food Presentation, Malloreddus Gnocchi, and others at the Center. They will be presented on Saturdays with full safety precautions in place and health department guidelines being followed. Due to difficult times, it will not be possible to resume regular classes in late summer or early fall in St. Leo’s School in Little Italy. Perhaps regular classes may resume in late fall or winter.

Please note Spring registrations will be transferred to the next session. If you are registered but prefer to contribute to our center, please contact me. Further information will be provided as soon as possible. If you have questions, please contact me at 410-866-8494.

We wish to continue to serve the needs of our unique learning community. We want to continue with our mission statement of preserving and sustaining Italian language, culture, and heritage. Upon the end of this, it will be so good to resume sessions in our beloved community and St. Leo's Church in Little Italy. Thanks for your dedicated support during the last twenty-four years. Stay safe and health during these difficult days.

Rosalie Ranieri

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Chef Nino and Rosalie Ranieri

Chef Nino Germano of La Scala Resturant and Rosalie Ranieri at the Sicilian Pasta Dishes Course.

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